ZAPIS HARDWAREElectric energy accounting systems

Electric energy accounting systems

For our customer Landis+Gyr we produce electric energy accounting systems. They are successfully used in power plants and energy stations and anywhere where control and measurement of used energy is essential. The systems are based on our cabinets units (standard 19'). Here is their short description:

Supply systems are included in power supply circuits with guaranteed voltage of 230 VAC, constant battery voltage and auxiliary supply of 230 VAC from on-site power. High precision meters by Landis+Gyr are installed in our cabinets. The meters allow simultaneous measurement of both active and wattles power in both directions. In addition, depending on parameterization the meters allow to carry out not only the square separation of wattles power but also separation of wattles power depending on the direction of active power flow. In the suggested solution the meter input system also includes voltage monitoring cards and voltage relay cards.

Monitoring circuits are based on URZ fault logger which enables remote monitoring of chosen points both on unnamed stations and on those with service staff. The logger has 25 digital inputs for systems generating signals in case of fault, 6 digital outputs of open collector type creating parallel port and 2 relay outputs. Universal telemetric concentrator FAG 10 used in electric energy accounting cabinet thanks to collected data processing and their recording fulfils the highest requirements of today's power industry. It enables automatic recording and processing of meter's value. Those data are collected from high precision meters through an interface. In the concentrator two kinds of inputs are used: both serial ports inputs for transmission among the meters and pulse inputs for connecting direction loss pulse signals from the meters' inputs. Collected and processed data are accessible for master system through telephone line and a modem.

PSA Zapis-Hardware designs and produces, in coodination with Landis+Gyr custom non-standard measuring cabinets fulfilling customer's needs.

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