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In 2010 we started cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric in the field of PLC and industrial robots. After the series of trainings we started using hardware as well as software from Mitsubishi in our projects and applications. Until today we used in particular SQ series robots which often cooperate with vision sensors Cognex In-Sight in a wide range of industrial applications. Productivity, reliability and very good colaboration with In-Sight sensors are main advantages of Mitsubishi robots. We also appreciate very good cooperation and support from the supplier of the robots.


Offered solutions:

Wide range of use of Mitsubichi robots includes:

  • protecting human life,
  • handling hazardous materials,
  • performing repetetive operations,
  • carrying out operations in tight enclosed environments,
  • increased production options,
  • increasing operational accuracy,
  • 24 hour operation,
  • reducing production costs,
  • lowering down-time.


We deal with configuration and integration of Mitsubishi operator panels or implemented with the existing system.

Key benefits of use of operator panels:

  • fully grafic control pannel,
  • data input via touch screen and/or conventional keyboard,
  • analog value review process,
  • support formulas,
  • monitoring function of the PLC,
  • the ability to connect with all PLCs and Mitsubishi robots, and drivers from other manufacturers.

As one of the few we can use the operator panel GOT to calibrate the vision system Cognex In-Sight Mitsubishi robot. Using of such a solution allows you to preview the video system parameters along with the current image, as well as manual control the robot.


Our offer of implementing robots in production processes includes comprehensive services concerning:

  • executable tests,
  • hardware configuration,
  • design,
  • programming,
  • assembly,
  • integration,
  • start-up,
  • warranty and post warranty service.


In our applications we mainly base on Cognex and Mitsubishi systems.
We can also design and implement stands or machines based on components by different producers.

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